Everything You Need To Know About Soapstone Countertops

Timeless Beauty

The smooth, matte color of soapstone makes it desirable. Usually light gray to black, some variants contain white and gray veining.

Ultra Dense

In addition to being hard, soapstone ranks high on the density scale surpassing both marble and even granite.

Eco Conscious

Soapstone is chemical-free throughout. Manmade composite countertops may resist grease, wetness, and stains with synthetic bonding agents and PFOAs.

Heat Safe

Soapstone is the stuff fireplaces, hearths, and science class lab tables are made of, which is to say it's incredibly heat resistant.

Citrus Friendly

Cooks love soapstone because it doesn’t react to acids, like lemon juice or tomato sauce. Those and other highly acidic foods can discolor or bleach fussier stones.

Easy To Repair

A quick sanding and oiling can remove minor nicks and scratches.You can do the same thing to reset the stone if its patina starts to look uneven.

Wears Well

Soapstone darkens and develops a natural patina over time. It will change from month to month and develop character over the years.