Hair Styles That Make a Woman Over 60 Look 40

1. Classic Bob

A classic bob is an evergreen among hairstyles. It accentuates your face, is easy to manage, and can provide a flattering shape for women of every age. 

2. Voluminous Lob

A long bob, also known as a “lob,” is an ideal choice for ladies whose hair is neither long nor short. 

3. Octopus Haircut

Choppy-layered hair that reminds of octopus tentacles is a modern version of shag, heavy on the top with the layers framing the face.

4. Choppy Pixie Cut

What is great about pixie cuts is that they are suitable for both thick and thin hair and are low-maintenance.

5. Pompadour

Pompadour hairstyles are the epitome of old-school hair pieces that were popular during the Roaring Twenties and the subsequent Great Depression.

6. Side-Swept Hair

Side-swept hair is an excellent option for middle-aged women to avoid dull, drab, and boring hairstyles.

7. Sleek Ponytail

Choose a sleek ponytail to make your hair look voluminous or to simply keep the hair out of your face.

8. Tousled Shag

Have you been invited to an intimate get-together or a dinner date? And you’re not sure what hairstyle will suit? Try out the tousled shag.

9. Stacked Ash Layers

Stacked ash layers never go out of style. And as a bonus, these layers cover gray hair due to the contrast in color.

10. Blunt Bangs

Do you like having your hair long but are fed up with the same old style? Blunt bangs will give you a lovely chic appearance.

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