Here Are 8 Global Recipes, You Must Know

French Bouillabaisse

Marseille has served this Provençal fish stew for millennia.This substantial tomato-based soup, produced from unsold fish by fisherman, has no formula. 

Peruvian Ceviche

Though famous in Latin America, this meal is particularly recognized in Peru. Peru celebrates National Ceviche Day on June 28. 

Hungarian Goulash

Shepherds made this comfort meal ages ago. Beef and onion mixture seasoned with Hungarian paprika

Moroccan Bidaoui Couscous

Couscous Bidaoui, or Couscous with Seven Vegetables, is famous in Casablanca. This stew is thick and filling.

Traditional Vietnamese Food

Phở bò, a popular beef soup, is a heavily spicy bone broth with herbs and rice noodles. This recipe transports you to Hanoi, Vietnam's capital and origin of phở.

Austrian Wienerschnitzel

This “Viennese cutlet” of veal is Vienna's culinary specialty. Though deep-fried and breaded, the meat tastes delicate.

Portugal's Egg Tarts

With its swirly buttery foundation, this tart will take you to Lisbon! This page includes the Portuguese pastéis de nata recipe and a Hong Kong-style egg tart recipe!

Japanese Ramen

In Japan, you'll find world-class ramen restaurants for every craving. Salt, soy sauce, and miso are the main flavors. Make miso broth at home with this recipe!