How The Shape You Apply Blush In Can Alter Your Whole Look

Classic Apple of the Cheek:

Applying blush to the apples of your cheeks gives a youthful and natural appearance.

High on the Cheekbones:

This technique is suitable for those who want to emphasize their bone structure and achieve a more defined look.

Draping Technique:

This technique adds dimension to the face and can give a sophisticated, contoured appearance

C-Shaped Blush:

Following the natural curve of your cheekbones, apply blush in a C-shaped motion from the temples down to the apples of the cheeks.

Horizontal Sweep:

Applying blush in a horizontal sweep along the cheekbones can give a soft, diffused appearance.

Vertical Line:

For a lengthening effect, apply blush in a vertical line slightly angled towards the temples.

Sun-Kissed Draping:

Mimicking the way the sun naturally hits the face, apply blush in a diagonal line from the top of the forehead, across the cheekbones, to the jawline.

Layered Blush:

Applying multiple shades of blush in a layered fashion can add depth and dimension to the cheeks.

Nose-to-Temple Sweep:

Sweeping blush from the sides of the nose up towards the temples can create a fresh and youthful look.

Soft Halo Effect:

Apply blush on the apples of the cheeks and blend it slightly towards the temples and under the eyes.

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