How To Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft

Passports reveal much about you! Keep that information private.The same goes for ID cards, licenses, and other identification. Always be careful and secure them.

Be Careful With Your ID 

Always beware of fraudulent calls. Spoofing as banks or other formal agencies, their goal is to steal your information.

Protect Personal Data

Use your work or home shredder to trash personal documents you no longer need.Without a shredder, you can destroy confidential documents well. Be thorough.

Confidential Documents

Mail shouldn't be left unread, especially in a common facility. Letters may contain personal information about you.If you're often gone, try a pick-up service or mail redirection to your post office.

Secure Your Mail

Never forget to check bills, bank accounts, and credit card statements for fraudulent purchases.

Verify Bills And Statements

Your credit report shows your financial behavior, so check it semi-regularly.Checking your credit report may reveal errors you would have missed.

View Your Credit +Report

If you receive a pre-approved credit offer by mail, trash it and ask the credit card firm to remove you from their mailing list.

Stop Pre-Approved Credit Offers 

Before entering personal or credit card information, check for the padlock icon next to the website address to signify security.

Be Careful Online

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