How To Get A Year Of Free Frosty Treats At Wendy's For $3

Wendy's Frostys cost $1.49 to $3.49, depending on size. In the next two weeks, you can receive a golden ticket that could get you hundreds of frozen desserts for pennies.

Wendy's is selling $3 Frosty Key Tags until mid-February. Every day until 2024, anybody who buys a tag gets a free Jr. Frosty. This promotion is perfect for Wendy's regulars who jump at every Frosty opportunity.

Plus, most Wendy's Frosty Key Tag sales will benefit the nonprofit Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption, which helps families adopt foster children in the US and Canada. 

Wendy's began selling Frosty Key Tags nationwide in 2014 and has continued to do so as a fundraiser.Wendy's first announced the key tags' return for 2024 in November

but the business is advertising them again before Valentine's Day. If the key tags interest you or you're considering buying one for a loved one on Feb. 14, don't wait. Valentine's Day is the last day to buy tags.

Customers can buy their 2024 Frosty Key Tag in several ways. Ask a restaurant employee to add a key tag while ordering in person. When ordering using the Wendy's app, you can buy a digital or physical key tag.

Thinking of buying tags in bulk? The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption also covers that. Customers can buy bulk tags on the charity's website.

In early January, Wendy's brought back its Vanilla Frosty, delighting customers. In May 2023, Wendy's eliminated the Vanilla Frosty to make room for Strawberry, Pumpkin Spice, and Peppermint Frosties.

Last month, Wendy's introduced a Breakfast Burrito with freshly cracked eggs, applewood smoked bacon, seasoned breakfast potatoes, two pieces of American cheese, and Swiss cheese sauce in a tortilla. It was Wendy's only breakfast burrito since its 2020 breakfast menu launch.