How To Manage Heart Health

Eat a healthy breakfast to stay slim. Choose whole grains, low-fat milk and yogurt, and lots of fruit.

Eat Breakfast

A bulging stomach raises blood pressure and lipids. Eating less and exercising more can help.

Lose Weight

Reduce your saturated fat intake to 7% of daily calories to lower heart disease risk.

Trim The Fat

It's amazing anyone smokes anymore. The habit is costly, addicting, and unhealthy. Smoking is one of the top modifiable heart disease risk factors! 

Stop Smoking

Isn't it easy to enter the elevator? Avoid the lazy way up and take the stairs. It's a simple method to keep fit without much effort.

Take The Steps

Because it stores excess fluid in the body, excess sodium (salt) raises blood pressure and strains the heart.

Reduce Salt Intake

Yoga may decrease blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose. The combination of strength, flexibility, stamina, relaxation, and stress relief is perfect for a healthy heart.

Try Yoga

Regular intercourse lowers blood pressure and heart disease risk. Considering the pleasure principle, this must be one of the most satisfying ways to stay fit.

In Between Sheets