7 Tricks For How To Organize Kitchen Shelves

Regular Decluttering

Prevent shelves from looking cluttered by regularly assessing them and being honest about what you really use.

Similar Items

For a more aesthetically pleasing kitchen storage look Take it up a notch by using attractive, similar containers.

Tiered And Expandable Organizers

Using the best compact kitchen organizers, such tiered expandable organizers from Amazon, helps maximize shelving space. 

Use Storage Bins

For shelves that look properly organized kitchen storage bins can work wonders.

Be Cohesive

To have a cohesive kitchen look, incorporate decorative storage boxes to hide smaller items and maintain your aesthetic.

Label Everything

Labels help you remember where things go, making storage and organization easier. Make labels or write on masking tape for DIY.

How You Use Your Shelves

When deciding how to use your shelves, be mindful about where each thing should go.

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