McDonald's Is Making a Big Change To Its Drink Stations

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McDonald's fans, prepare. According to reports, the fast-food chain will change how consumers acquire soft drinks countrywide.

QSR Web claimed late last week that McDonald's will phase out self-serve beverage stations in its US dining rooms, citing a company 

spokesperson's email. Customers will have nine years to adjust to the change because the transition is scheduled for 2032.

Customers who order through the drive-thru or McDonald's app won't be affected by the elimination of self-serve stations

QSR Web says the update will give McDonald's employees and customers a more consistent experience regardless

of where and how they order. The State Journal-Register reported this week that several Illinois stores had begun the change.

McDonald's has announced other substantial changes this year. The chain announced dramatic changes to its Big Mac, McDouble, classic 

cheeseburger, double cheeseburger, and hamburger in April. The adjustments include softer toasted buns, frying onions directly on burger patties

for a "juicier, caramelized flavor," assuring optimal cheese meltiness, and adding extra trademark sauce to Big Macs. McDonald's will remodel

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