McDonald's New & Improved Burgers Are Now Available Nationwide

McDonald's made various burger adjustments last April to make them hotter, juicier, and tastier. Nation's Restaurant News reports that the improved burgers are now available nationally.

The fast-food chain made over 50 alterations to its burgers. These include using softer buns, adding white onions to beef patties on the grill, and cooking them in smaller batches for a nicer sear. 

Customers will notice "meltier" cheese and more Big Mac Sauce at McDonald's.The revamped burgers debuted in Australia, Canada, and Belgium to "rave reviews," according to McDonald's 2023 announcement. 

The burgers eventually hit West Coast and Midwest establishments.McDonald's is using its renowned Hamburglar character to market these new burgers. 

This Monday, the fast-food chain revealed that the Hamburglar is driving across the U.S. in the "Burgercuda," a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, to try "the ultimate burger-stealing heist."

People who spot the automobile can scan its code to get an Arch Card, a McDonald's gift card, and Hamburglar-inspired gear.

Burger-themed embellishments including a spare tire disguised as a large hamburger, Hamburglar's catchphrase, "robble robble," and "RBL RBL" on the hood scoop and license plate are on the car.

You can also enter to win a year of free McDonald's burgers at the Hamburglar Watch Sweepstakes website. This contest is limited to one entry per person by Feb. 25, 2024.

In 2018, McDonald's changed its Quarter Pounder with Cheese to fresh beef cooked to order. The chain eliminated artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives from its burgers that year.