Modern Haircuts for Women over 50 to Try ASAP

A razored shag haircut with layers and texture provides a modern and stylish appearance.

Razored Shag

For special occasions, consider a classic updo for a timeless and elegant look.

Classic Updo

Explore various braided hairstyles, such as French braids or fishtail braids, for a youthful and unique look.

Braided Styles

Add volume to a modern beehive haircut for a nostalgic look.

Modern Beehive: 

Side-swept pixie cuts soften and deepen your face.

Side- Pixie:

Modern and fashionable are textured and choppy layers.

Choppy Layers:

A sophisticated ponytail is a stylish hairstyle.

Slick Ponytail:

A sloppy bun is casual and youthful.

Messy Bun: 

Some women over 50 think bald or buzzed haircuts are chic and empowering.

Bald or Buzzed: 

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