Most Eco Friendly Structures Worldwide

New York's Bank of America Tower is in One Bryant Park. The skyscraper, one of the city's most valuable, is also one of the world's most efficient and environmentally friendly.

One Bryant Park, USA

One Angel Square in Manchester, England, is one of Europe's most sustainable major buildings, powered by rapeseed oil-fed Combined Heat and Power (CHP).

One Angel Square, England 

The historic Bahrain World Trade Center in Manama has won many sustainability honors, including the Arab Construction World for Sustainable Design Award.

Bahrain World Trade Center

Green architecture fills the Shanghai Tower, the world's second-tallest building at 632 m (2,073 ft). To reduce inside air cooling, the double-layered insulating glass facade was constructed.

China's Shanghai Tower

LEED recognises various innovations in Vancouver's TELUS Garden mixed-use office construction. 

Canada's TELUS Garden

SAHMRI's interior incorporates an energy-efficient HVAC system and rainwater gathering and processed water reuse.

Australia's SAHMRI

By 2016, the center's 575 rooftop solar panels generated roughly 30% more energy than it needed.

Bullitt Center, USA

East London's Green Enterprise District houses the Crystal. The structure represents a fossil fuel-free future with solar power and ground source heat pumps.

The Crystal, England