7 Healthy Eating Tips That Are Easy And Tasty

Boiling or frying broccoli might destroy its glucosinolates, which may fight cancer. Steaming preserves more nutrients. 

Microwave Or Steam Broccoli

Protein-rich cannellini or butter beans make smoothies more satisfying.

Add White Beans To Smoothies

Instead of sodium chloride, have potassium chloride in your pantry for cooking. 

Reduce Sodium Salt

This is another technique to limit acrylamide intake. Cook oven chips, breaded or battered things to pale golden but not deeper because browner toast contains more acrylamide.

Reduce Toaster Setting

Pressure cookers can cook an entire meal in under 30 minutes, including frozen meat, unlike slow cookers. Vitamins are best retained when everything steams quickly.

Test Pressure Cooking

Kale, spinach, rocket, and romaine have more vitamin A, C, and folate than butterhead and anaemic iceberg lettuce.

Choose Darker Green Leaves

A sandwich with butter might contain 25% of your daily saturated fat. A thin spread of puréed avocado will replace much of the saturated fat.

Avocado-Spread Sandwiches

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