Pizza Hut Is Winning the Pizza Wars Again

Domino's, Pizza Hut, and Papa Johns are pizza industry leaders. If asked which quick-service pizza chain they prefer, most Americans would choose

Choosing one of the three brands as the best is difficult, but recent sales statistics reveal that Pizza Hut ended 2022 well while Domino's and Papa Johns

This is impressive given Domino's and Papa Johns have outperformed the competitor brand in the pizza wars for years. Domino's eclipsed 

Pizza Hut as the world's largest pizza business by store count in 2021 after increasing systemwide sales. Pizza Hut had to close hundreds of 

sites due to the COVID-19 outbreak and saw its 2020 sales decrease while Domino's and Papa Johns witnessed great improvements.

This pattern changed in 2022. Over the year, Pizza Hut's international same-store sales rose 1% while its U.S. sales fell 1%.

What could explain this excellent showing? Pizza Hut's parent firm Yum! Brands' CEO David Gibbs said in the recent results call that October's 

Pizza Hut Melts resemble folded pizzas. Cheese and toppings are wrapped in the chain's Thin N' Crispy crust and served with dipping 

sauce. Pizza Hut promoted it as a quick, convenient meal for lone eating and on-the-go customers. As inflation and rising costs squeezed 

Gibbs noted that demand for affordable meals had increased, and Pizza Hut Melts were Yum! Brands' best answer. He said the product attracted 

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