Quick Mood Boosting Activities

If you sense your mood falling and you've spent a lot of time on social media, turn off the devices.

Stop Looking At Social Media

Better yet, put down your phone and go outside.

Get Out Into The Wild 

According to color psychologists, the color green indicates happiness. So get out there and experience some green!

Grab Some Green 

 Take deep breathes! If you're feeling anxious, this can assist lessen your stress.

Deep Breathing 

Certain smells, such as orange and lavender, soothe and reduce anxiety. Get some essential oils so you can always smell something that will make you feel better!

Happy Fragrances 

Put on a fresh pair of socks and enjoy the sensation--and sight! Yes, something this easy can really work miracles.

Brand New Socks

On that point, why not take a time to dance? If this isn't something you usually do at home, you'll feel so ridiculous that you won't be able to feel sad.

Dance Like No One Is Looking

Take on the jobs one at a time, and give yourself the satisfaction of checking them off when they're completed.

Achievable To-Dos

Decluttering will help to distract your attention while also leaving you with a slightly more orderly atmosphere. Begin with something small, such as one drawer or shelf.


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