Scariest Hairpin Roads Worldwide

Los Caracoles, or Snails Pass, is a mountain pass in the Andes between Chile and Argentina. The pass measures 3,200 m (10,499 ft) above sea level.

Paso de los Libertadores, Chile–Argentina 

This steep, serpentine road between Cetinje and Kotor has 16 hairpins in its most picturesque 8-km (5 mi-) segment.

Cetinje-Kotor road, Montenegro -

The Lacets de Montvernier [Hairpins of Montvernier] snake across the Col du Chaussy in south-eastern France's Rhône-Alpes region. There are 17 steep, tightly packed hairpin curves.

Lacets de Montvernier, France 

At 2,757 m (9,045 ft) above sea level, the Stelvio Pass in northern Italy borders Switzerland and has 48 hairpin curves.

The Stelvio Pass, Italy 

Kyrgyzstan's Moldo-Ashu Pass is one of the most difficult and scenic mountain passes. Never attempt the gravel peak road without a 4WD.

Moldo-Ashuu, Kyrgyzstan 

The Aristi–Paingo route in Epirus, northeastern Greece, winds through 23 hairpin turns and offers stunning mountain views.

Aristi–Paingo road, Greece 

Tunnels make one of Europe's most iconic mountain crossings easy to cross. However, the high road's serpentine curves and sheer-drop views are more entertaining.

The Saint Gotthard Pass, Switzerland 

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