Seven Design Tips To Make Open Plan Living Work For Everyone

An open-plan living and kitchen room has numerous benefits, but sometimes sealing off the kitchen while cooking is more convenient.

Corner the kitchen

Make use of existing property alcoves by creating matching bespoke storage that connects newly knocked-through rooms.

Alcoves Should Be Unified

If you're intending to make your home open-plan, why not incorporate architectural structure arched through ways?

Open Up With Arches

An on-trend wallpapered feature wall can create a cozy environment in an open-plan room's living space.

Zone With Wallpaper

In a large open-plan room with various functions, efficient storage is key. Perfectly placed closed storage keeps utensils hidden but ready.

Invest In Smart Storage

A huge open space with abundance of light is an excellent canvas for experimenting with colour. 

Darken The Walls

If you like modern open-plan living rooms without walls or room separators, you can still gently separate functional zones. 

Sink A Space