Signs You Were Raised By Helicopter Parents

Think back to school. Were your parents ever helpful with projects or homework? Helicopter parents can take control because they want to help their child.


A helicopter parent will miss their child after they leave home. Your contact may likely say they have "empty nest syndrome."

Nest Empty

If your parents are helicopter parents, they would have grieved when you left.


They worry about your future, especially when they die. Thus, they organize your school and career to construct your future. This can be restricting but useful.


Even if you're an adult and know a cold won't kill you, you phone your parents for reassurance. You were raised helicopter-style.

Being Sick

Even if you're an adult, you call your parents for emotional support and life advise. Helicopter parenting makes kids dependent on parents.


If you still call your home your parents' house, even though you have your own residence (and possibly even your own family), you were raised by attentive parents


Helicopter parents want their due, so they want their kids back for the holidays at any age.


If you were helicoptered as a child and possibly as an adult, you may question if your parents have a life outside of asking about yours.


You have to convince them to get hobbies or travel to reduce their focus on you.


When you visit your parents, they ask so many questions about your life that you talk about yourself. It pleases them!