Smallest Cat Breeds In The World

Unlike other cat breeds, the American Curl has genetically curled ears at 90 degrees.The American Curl is a great family cat due to its tiny size, curious demeanor, and unusual ears.

America Curl

Siamese ancestors make the Balinese cat look familiar. The smaller size and silkier fur coats distinguish them.


This breed looks, talks, and acts like a Siamese cat. Its colour is like the domestic shorthair.

Shorthair Colorpoint

Devon cats are smart, active, and mischievous. They weigh 2–4 kg (5–9 lb). 

Devon Rex

A rare breed outside Thailand, the Korat is small, lean, and built to last. 


This breed is slightly larger than the other cats in this collection, but still small to medium. They have natural genetic mutations that give them perm-like curly hair.


This cat breed is little, as its name suggests. An extroverted, lively Munchkin cat has short legs due to a genetic abnormality, not selective breeding. 

The Munchkin

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