Southwest Just Changed Its In-flight Wi-Fi Pricing

Southwest Airlines is charging per flight for onboard internet instead of per day.

Southwest will charge $8 each flight segment starting Tuesday, a spokeswoman told Travel + Leisure. The company used to charge $8 per day

“With two vendors providing fleet connectivity, we're introducing a new onboard internet pricing model. Southwest told T+L that onboard internet

will be priced per-leg, from 'Takeoff to Landing,' instead of per-day DayPass. Due to our broad network of nonstop flights, free onboard

entertainment, and a tiny percentage of Customers using paid internet across connecting flights, this affects a small fraction of Customers.

As part of its fleet enhancements, Southwest is upgrading its onboard Wi-Fi with two providers and changing its price structure.

Southwest will install USB A and USB C power outlets at every seat and larger overhead bins in addition to improved internet. 

While onboard internet is expensive, Southwest offers complimentary iMessage and WhatsApp for all clients. Movies and live TV will also be free in flight.

Airline Wi-Fi options vary widely. Delta and JetBlue offer free high-speed internet. United Airlines, like Southwest, charges $8 for MileagePlus

members and $10 for non-members for in-flight Wi-Fi on U.S. domestic and short-haul international flights.

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