10 Spectacular Butterfly Haircut Ideas for 2023

Make a butterfly form with a mohawk hairstyle for a punk aesthetic.

Butterfly Mohawk: 

Create a temporary and adaptable butterfly hairdo with braids instead of chopping it.

Butterfly braid: 

An undercolor makes the butterfly design stand out when hair is up or back.

Undercolored Butterfly: 

For a delicate look, choose a simplistic butterfly design.

Subtle Butterfly Cut: 

For an intricate look, put your hair in a bun or updo and add the butterfly shape.

Butterfly Bun: 

To seem stylish and daring, shave your head sides and leave the butterfly pattern on top.

shaved sides:

For a bold look, combine a mohawk, fade, and butterfly cut.

Mohawk fade:

Soften and romanticize wavy or curly hair with a butterfly motif.

Butterfly Waves: 

Half-up, half-down hair with a butterfly design is stylish and amusing.

Butterfly Half-Updo: 

Make the butterfly pattern shimmer with glitter or hair accessories.

Glittered Butterfly: 

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