Starbucks Is Testing a New, Special Type of Ice

Starbucks has begun testing a highly anticipated product, possibly a new Frappuccino or cold brew. you'd be wrong.

Social media rumors have circulated for weeks that Starbucks is developing nugget-shaped ice cubes. This week, a Starbucks employee 

posted a photo of a large tank of nugget ice on Reddit, indicating their location was one of three serving it. Claims are also on TikTok.

Some consumers don't think ice innovation is vital, whereas others think shape and feel matter. Fans of nugget ice, or "good ice," love it.

Size and texture distinguish nugget ice from ice cubes. Because they're formed from squeezed ice flakes, the cylindrical pellets are softer and 

easier to swallow than ice machine cubes. Helen Rosner in "Pellet Ice Is The Good Ice," 2021 New Yorker, compared the ice's flaky layers to a 

"well-laminated pastry" with "crevices and tiny caves into which your drink can penetrate, and a yielding texture perfect for chewing." Sonic is 

Many customers were excited about Starbucks' nugget ice testing, even though the business hasn't confirmed them.

Starbucks customers have learned about two important changes this week, including this ice move.

The coffee chain announced that Refreshers drinks with the "no water" personalization now cost $1 more, which has divided enthusiasts.

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