The 10 Most Unique Restaurant Concepts in NYC

1. Ninja

You can eat Japanese food in this underground restaurant that looks like a ninja town... but watch out for nunchucks that fly and strikes from behind!

2. Trailer Park Lounge

This place might not be the most fancy... but this is the place to go if you want tacky decor and tasteless charm.

3. Max Brenner

This place is great for people who love chocolate. You'll be able to enjoy lots of sweets since there are more desserts than "real food."

4. Brooklyn Surf Bar

You may have been to a tiki bar before, but you probably haven’t been to one that commits this much to the theme.

5. Takashi

This eatery serves all cow parts, so meat aficionados rejoice. Takashi serves typical beef cuts and unusual stomach, tongue, and heart dishes.

6. Ellen’s Stardust Diner

As you eat a variety of diner classics (many of them rainbow-colored), the waitstaff will sing for you. Some of them could be the next big stars on Broadway.

7. Dirt Candy

This restaurant was vegetarian before it was cool – and even staunch meat-eaters will be impressed by their “broccoli dogs”.

8. La Caverna

This diner is decorated to look like a cave. There is cave art on the walls and stalactites hanging from the ceiling.

9. The Beauty Bar

Want to be pampered? Get a manicure while sipping a martini at this one-of-a-kind Brooklyn beauty saloon.

10. Please Don’t Tell

Do you wish you could have lived in the 1920s? You can really get into this speakeasy because it is so secret that you can't even knock on the door.

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The 25 Most Unique Restaurant Concepts in NYC