The 9 Best Perennial Herbs For Your Garden

Native to the Mediterranean, rosemary’s pine-like fragrance is refreshing in everything from roast chicken to potato dishes to mimosas.


Chives have a slight onion-y flavor and pretty purple flowers, which pollinators adore, in spring.


Fresh sage tastes better in casseroles, cornbread, and dressing than dried. It is winter-hardy in most of the South but dislikes humidity and is planted as an annual in the Coastal and Lower South.


Chocolate, peppermint, apple, and orange mints can be grown. Keep mint in containers to prevent it from taking over the garden. 


This perennial herb has flatter leaves than onion chives and pretty white flowers, which bloom in mid to late summer.

Garlic Chives

Oregano thrives in poor soil and heat, making it practically unkillable. It's aggressive like mint, so plant it in a pot or watch where it goes.


It’s evergreen in most of the South, making it an attractive groundcover that’s dotted tiny pink, lavender, or white springtime flowers that pollinators love.


This woody deciduous shrub with a strong lemon scent can reach 4 to 5 feet tall and wide in warm climates.

Lemon Verbena

Lavender’s beauty and soothing fragrance make it a must-have in any garden. Native to the Mediterranean, lavender prefers hot, dry conditions.


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