These Easy Money Saving Methods Will Prepare Your Kids For Life

The Source Of Money

We earn our money, and the bank holds it. If we don't teach kids what money is, they'll think they can receive more from the bank!

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees

Give a child tiny pocket money and don't supplement if they spend it all. That will show them you can run out of funds.

Taxes Matter

Explain taxes to your kids gently, but as they become older, make sure they understand how paying taxes affects their education, healthcare, etc. 

You Must Pay Taxes Accurately

Young children don't need to know how to file taxes, but teens do! Explain taxation and what they paid on their payslips as they get older and start working after school.

Budgeting Wonders

Giving kids bus or lunch money and pocket money lets them budget or walk home from school or go hungry

 Saving Feels Fantastic

They desire a new toy, but their pocket money is limited. Teach them to save instead of buying it. 

Important To Save For The Future

Most parents and grandparents save for their kids. While saving for significant adult needs is crucial, investing directly into a savings account won't help kids learn

Cheapest Deal

When your child has saved enough for something they desire and reached their savings goal, help them find the greatest price.