Things To Know Before Retirement

You must plan for retirement and decide when. Your retirement savings strategy and social security benefits depend on your retirement age.

Retirement Target Age

Retirement Planning

You rarely realize your spending habits until you make a budget. Learn where your money goes and if you need to budget to save for retirement.

Create A Budget

Some 60-year-old retirees live into their 90s. 30 years to fill with money and experiences. 

Extend Your Long-Term Plan

Automate saves each much to boost retirement contributions. The process is simple and you won't notice money gone.

Automate Savings

Remember to pay yourself first since retirement age affects finances. Put money in your retirement fund before paying your student loan, mortgage, or other bills.

Pay Yourself First

Paying off debt will reduce retirement stress. You shouldn't prioritize debt repayment over retirement payments. 

Pay Off Debt 

Early withdrawals from retirement savings forfeit interest. As you near retirement, these losses become tougher to recover.

Don't Touch Retirement Funds

You'll likely retire with less money. Therefore, cut back on expensive hobbies like eating out daily or taking regular vacations.

Downsize Your Lifestyle 

Life insurance helps your beneficiaries pay for mortgages and funerals after your death.

Review Life Insurance Policies

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