This Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Dog Owner, According to Astrologers

You might think that someone who loves animals is all that is needed to be a good dog owner. 

Even though this love for animals can make someone a good pet parent, it doesn't take into account their natural caring nature or how practical they are when it comes to getting a dog.

Here are the signs that made the cut: those who like to throw the ball around and those who think dogs are part of the family.


"The only reason an Aquarius exists is to save everyone in the world." "People, pets, they love them all."


Leo's friendly nature doesn't just show when they're with other people.These cute cats are loyal, playful, and very affectionate, and they treat their pets like they are family.


This sign loves being around other people and having fun, and having a dog is another way they can do both.


Sweet and caring Pisces loves coming to the rescue, and, therefore, is the sign "most likely to adopt a homeless dog.


Tauruses like to stay at home, so their pets will get lots of care. "Kids, pets, and [partners] can be as natural as they like," even though they like their area clean.


The person in this sign loves having people over, having a busy kitchen, and being hugged and kissed at any time of the day or night.

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