Top 7 Lucky Plants For Peace And Prosperity


In Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is considered a powerful symbol of prosperity and good fortune. It's easy to care for and can thrive in indirect light.

Money Plant

This plant is believed to attract wealth and abundance. It's a hardy, easy-to-care-for vine that can thrive in various light conditions.

Jade Plant

Resembling small coins, the round leaves of the Jade Plant are thought to attract wealth. It's a succulent that requires minimal water and can live for many years.

Peace Lily

Known for its ability to purify the air and improve indoor air quality, the Peace Lily is believed to bring tranquility and harmony into a home.


The Ficus plant, especially the rubber plant variety, is believed to bring good luck and fortune. It's known for its large, glossy leaves.

Aloe Vera

Apart from its healing properties, Aloe Vera is also considered a lucky plant. It's believed to bring positive energy and ward off bad luck.


Orchids are associated with fertility and abundance. They are often given as gifts for new beginnings and are considered symbols of good luck.