Top 9 Flowers To Attract Butterflies

Butterfly Bush

As the name suggests, this bush is famous for attracting butterflies. It produces large, fragrant flower spikes in a variety of colors.


Essential for monarch butterflies, as their larvae feed exclusively on milkweed plants. These flowers are also nectar-rich, attracting a variety of other butterflies.

Black-Eyed Susan

Known for their bright, daisy-like flowers, these are a hit with butterflies and are also drought-resistant.


With its fragrant and nectar-rich flowers, lavender is a butterfly magnet. It's also a hardy plant that thrives in many climates.


These bright and cheerful flowers are easy to grow from seed and come in a variety of colors. Butterflies are attracted to their vibrant hues and ample nectar.

Joe-Pye Weed

A native plant that's great for attracting butterflies, especially the swallowtail species. It features tall, pink-purple flower heads.


Phlox flowers in clusters and is very fragrant, which makes it attractive to both butterflies and hummingbirds.


With their bright orange and yellow blooms, marigolds are excellent for attracting butterflies. They're also easy to grow and maintain.


These daisy-like perennials bloom in late summer and fall, providing a late-season nectar source for butterflies.