Top 8 Foods To Boost Your Gut Health Naturally


High in probiotics, yogurt helps in maintaining a healthy balance of gut bacteria. Look for yogurts that contain live or active cultures.


Similar to yogurt, kefir is a fermented dairy product that's a great source of probiotics.


A Korean dish similar to sauerkraut, but made with a mix of vegetables and seasonings. It's fermented, hence a good probiotic source.


A Japanese seasoning made by fermenting soybeans with salt and a fungus. It’s rich in probiotics and adds a savory flavor to dishes.


Made from fermented soybeans, tempeh is a great source of probiotics and plant-based protein.

Prebiotic Foods

These include foods that feed your healthy gut bacteria. Examples are garlic, onions, leeks, asparagus, bananas, and whole grains.

Nuts And Seeds

Almonds, flaxseeds, chia seeds, and others are high in fiber and healthy fats, which can promote a healthy gut.

Whole Grains

Foods like oats, barley, and quinoa are high in fiber and can help to increase beneficial bacteria in the gut.