McDonald's Just Launched 3 New Wraps

Few retired McDonald's menu items are as missed by Americans as Snack Wraps. Even though many loved the simple combo of chicken, 

In the latest blow to US Snack Wrap fans, McDonald's added three new wraps to the menu, but only in Canada.

As part of a big Snack Wrap and McWrap revamp, McDonald's Canada included these. McWraps have chicken and toppings in flour tortillas and 

are larger than Snack Wraps. Bloomberg says they were discontinued in the US around 2016. According to Insider, Canadian outlets still offer a 

McDonald's announced today that the Zesty Lime McWrap, Sweet Chili McWrap, and Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap will expand Canadian 

Canadian-raised chicken, shredded lettuce, tortilla strips, sliced tomato, cucumbers, and cilantro lime sauce top the Zesty Lime McWrap.

The Sweet Chili McWrap has the same ingredients but substitutes mayo and sweet chili sauce for cilantro lime. The Spicy Buffalo Chicken

McDonald's Canada discontinued the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Snack Wrap in January 2020, according to a tweet. A June 2019 McDonald's Canada 

tweet also mentioned Sweet Chili McWraps. McDonald's Canada did not immediately respond to our inquiries on which wrap varieties were available

Along with these new McWrap and Snack Wrap flavors, McDonald's is bringing back grilled chicken at participating restaurants so customers 

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