Warning Signs To Look Out For If You Are Over 40

Unexpected Weight Loss

If you start losing weight unintentionally, it could be a sign of type 2 diabetes. Those aged 45-64 are most at risk of developing it.

Blurry Vision

Eyesight naturally deteriorates with age. However, if you experience sudden changes, it could be an early sign of melanoma.


There can be a huge number of reasons why a person may feel nauseous. But nausea and stomach pain can be a warning sign of heart disease.

Receding Gums

If you have experienced receding gums, or even worse, tooth loss, this can be a sign of osteoporosis, which weakens the bones.

Neck Stiffness

While neck stiffness could just be caused by a bad night's sleep, it could also be a sign of polymyalgia rheumatica, which is an inflammatory disease.


Many people of all ages can experience anxiety. But it could be symptomatic of Parkinson's disease, which mainly affects those over 50.


It's normal to feel tired because we require sleep. If it persists, visit a doctor because vitamin D deficiency or heart disease may be at blame.

Light Sensitivity

Lupus is more common in women. When exposed to the sun, symptoms can include rashes, fever, fatigue, and joint pain.