What Are The Most Addictive Foods?


Who would've thought the steak-craze stemmed from something deeper? Addictive-like eating behavior is more than just a craving or lack of willpower.

Gummy candy

Addictive eating is often linked to processed foods, like gummies, which are high in added sugar and/or fat.

Breakfast cereal

Processed foods like cereal are tasty! Unfortunately, they're often "hyperpalatable," making your taste buds dance. Wholegrain varieties too.


Fatty, salty, and deceivingly light, popcorn is difficult to stop eating, especially in front of a screen.

Rolls (plain)

Addictive foods also contain high amounts of calories, and cause major blood sugar imbalances, which can result in those crazy carb cravings.

Fried chicken

While you might think it's the mouthwatering food itself, the biggest contributor to addictive-like eating is your brain.


When we eat, our brain's reward center releases dopamine and other feel-good chemicals, especially when we consume bacon.


The brain's reward center explains why most people enjoy eating, and why some seek food, like cheese, for those happy feelings.