What To Eat (And Avoid) To Increase Your Metabolism

Iron-Rich Foods

A diet low in selenium or iron can inhibit the thyroid from generating enough hormones, slowing metabolism.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Studies suggest apple cider vinegar's acetic acid may improve weight loss. Short-chain fatty acids may improve fat utilisation and reduce blood sugar.

Cacao And Cocoa

Though cocoa, cacao, and dark chocolate may not enhance your metabolic rate, animal studies suggest they may help digestion and fat burning.


Fiery ginger may boost metabolism. Ginger powder in hot water with a meal may burn more calories and make you feel satisfied, according to research.


Studies demonstrate that caffeine in coffee may improve metabolism. Don't overdo it or you'll feel nervous.

Matcha Tea

Matcha green tea, like oolong tea, may boost fat oxidation and burn more calories during exercise.


Avocados include healthful fats that might help you feel fuller. One study found that eating half an avocado at lunch reduced post-meal food cravings.