Would You Try These Odd Yet Delightful Fruits?

The custard apple family's rollinia tastes like creamy lemon sherbet or lemon meringue pie when ripe and fresh.


This perennial melon found in Southeast Asia has an orange-reddish color with a slimy, blood-red pulp that resembles internal organs. Gac tastes like a carrot-cantaloupe mix.


Salak (or "snake fruit") has scaly skin. Despite looking like peeled garlic bulbs, the white flesh tastes sweet and acidic.


Cherimoya—Some say it tastes like a banana and a pineapple, whereas others say it tastes like bubblegum.


luma or caimito—is from Brazil and Peru. Creamy and sweet with caramel and vanilla notes.


Star apple (or "breast milk fruit")—Squeeze it, gulp the milky white fluid, then consume the inside flesh.

Star Apple

Citrus has no pulp, unlike oranges and lemons. Its all-rind makes it ideal for zesting and marmalading.

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