You Will Soon Be Able To Order Groceries Straight From Your TV

Do you ever experience food cravings when watching TV? Or interrupted by the prospect of buying everything at the store this week?

One major streaming service will bring you closer to never leaving your sofa for food.

Roku lets you buy groceries and takeout while watching your favorite show or movie.

The firm announced a multi-year deal with DoorDash to provide shoppable TV commercials to the streaming platform.

How it works: DoorDash merchants like grocery stores and restaurants can run Roku interactive ads.

Clicking on these sends an SMS or email to the DoorDash app to complete the purchase. DoorDash accounts are required for orders.

Wendy's is the first restaurant to double down on shoppable advertisements on Roku, running them from Feb. 7 to March 12.

The grocers that will buy them have yet to be named. Roku users may get $5 off Wendy's $15 orders with this promotion.

"Streaming and delivery just go together, so we're making it easier than ever for Roku users to order their favorite food right from their TV,"

Through this arrangement, new and existing Roku users will receive six months of DoorDash's DashPass membership, which waives delivery fees

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