Your Star Sign Determines Your Friendship Style


Aries people are big, bold, and outspoken. In addition, their friends depend on them for spontaneity and enjoyment.


Leos are natural leaders who know what's best for everyone. Equally true for their families, coworkers, and friends.


The last fire sign, Sagittarius, is the most daring. Sags love nights out and bring everyone along.

The Gemini

Bright and sparkling Gemini enjoys making others laugh. Easily sociable, persons born under this sign cause hilarity in every social gathering.

The Libra

The hopelessly idealistic Libra sees a new adult friendship as love. Early on, small acts of affection matter.

The Aquarius

Aquarius, the last air sign, understands personal space well. They are perfect for low-maintenance buddies because they are not clingy.


One of the most maternal indications is Cancer. Thus, Cancers are often their friends' mothers.


Scorpios are the best friends at keeping secrets. Scorpios will follow your advice to the grave.