What Derrick Henry did last year proved he’s in a class of his own:

Author: Jon Kuzma


Derrick Henry recently signed a four-year $50M contract. But you have to wonder if that deal was enough? Henry carried the Tennessee Titans all the way to the AFC Championship game last year. And he got it done against the best competition. A lot of fans will say Christian McCaffrey or Alvin Kamara are better because they can catch the ball out of the backfield. But those fans are giving those takes because of fantasy football. McCaffrey and Kamara didn’t run wild in the playoffs like Henry was able to do. His physical gifts put him in a class of his own. Henry doesn’t need as many counters and misdirections like those other running backs do. You can just give him simple dives up the middle and he’ll run through the middle linebacker. Henry can also turn plays that should be TFLs into positive yardage. So right now it’s obvious Henry is the best running back in the NFL.

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