Whats happening around the league: Week 17

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Chip Kelly is fired by the Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly has been fired by the Philadelphia Eagles just 1 game shy of completing his 3rd season in the NFL. Kelly who was an outstanding coach at the University of Oregon finished his tenure in Philadelphia with a 26-21 record. A brilliant x and oā€™s guy Kelly struggled with personnel and managing marquee talent. For all his ability to put people in a position to succeed on the football field. Kelly had an equally detrimental habit of alienating the people around him off the field. That wasnā€™t limited to just players but also other coaches and other employees in the building as well. One thing I will say is Chip Kelly made moves that cleared a lot of cap space for the Eagles. So as much as we knew he shipped away talent it was only going to get brighter later on for the Eagles. That cap space would of been mighty useful for bringing in players that fit Kellyā€™s overall scheme. Now the next coach will get to use that cap space and will look like a hero. Yet if Kelly truly irked as many people as the rumors were saying. It just goes to show that maybe ownership preferred a more likable personality at their head coach position. This isnā€™t the first time weā€™ve seen a talented football coach cast out because of being unlikeable. Jim Harbaugh was in a similar situation just a year before. We know how that panned out for him. Regardless of what the popular opinion is in the Philadelphia area the Eagles might come to regret this decision.

Peyton Manningā€™s accuser recants statements about Manningā€™s HGH use

The Al Jazeera reported that Charles Sly had a hidden camera investigation that observed Peyton Manning receiving HGH supplements shipped to his house. The shipments were apparently during the year Manning was recovering from neck surgery in 2011. Charles Sly is now backing off those statements saying that never happened. You have to wonder if Al Jazeera had second thoughts of making those statements after Manningā€™s legal team threatened to sue them. Manning was clearly frustrated with the allegations saying ā€œthey are garbage and completely made up.ā€ That is the problem with the generation today anyone can have a voice. When people use that voice to do harm like slander someones name for their own personal gain. Sometimes they forgot those actions have consequences. Sly and Al Jazeeraā€™s creditability are forever tainted and they got put in their place quickly. They should think twice about making irresponsible statements about someone’s character and credibility.

Revis says Jets General Mangers Mike Maccagnan should be up for Executive of the Year:

Darrelle Revis has came out and stated that he believes his teams’ General Manager should be up for the Executive of the Year honors. After Mike Maccagnan brought in big name talents like Brandon Marshall, Darrelle Revis, and Ryan Fitzpatrick the Jets have became relevant again. Now with the end of the season looming the team is looking poised to make a playoff spot. They will need a win Sunday to really solidify themselves and claim that spot. Regardless after a 4 win season in 2014, a 10 win season with a game left in the season is much more promising. Revis believes much of the praise must go to Maccagnan. Itā€™s hard to argue with him.

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