Whether you like Jay Cutler or not, he definitely deserves to be on an NFL roster:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

With Jay Cutler still unsigned it’s become overwhelming clear that NFL teams are reluctant to sign players if they’re unlikable. Colin Kaepernick is still unsigned because he decided to voice his frustrations with America and Jay Cutler is unsigned because the consensus has decided that Cutler is an unpleasant guy. Here is the catch though, even if you don’t like Jay Cutler he still deserves to be on an NFL roster. Cutler has thrown 208 touchdowns passes and and over 32,000 yards during the course of his NFL career. To blackball Cutler now because the world has conformed to a false preconceived notion just shows how lackadaisical humanity has became when it’s comes to independent thinking. Why determine Cutler’s worth for yourself when you can just follow the status quo and their perceived worth of Jay Cutler? The answer why you shouldn’t just go with the flow and write Jay Cutler off is the fact that Cutler still has an opportunity to produce. A new team and a new system could revitalize Jay Cutler’s spirits and that would likely mean much more production from the 33 year old quarterback. When you also factor in that Cutler never truly had that good of weapons receiver wise in Chicago, you can begin to see how a new home would greatly benefit Cutler. The days of not having a receiver that can go over the 1,000 yards receiving mark should be in the rear view mirror for Cutler and the Houston Texans should go out and get this guy right now. If you don’t think Cutler will put up better production than Brock Osweiler you’re sadly mistaken. Not only that but Tom Savage isn’t going to win you very many games in this league. So if you’re Houston’s front office it’s a no brainer you should sign Cutler and imagine how well the veteran quarterback would do with DeAndre Hopkins and Will Fuller. Both of those receivers can work the vertical passing game and Jay Cutler has enough arm strength to beat the defense over top. That would be a match made in heaven and it won’t cost the Texans $72 million dollars to make the deal happen. Cutler deserves that opportunity and it will be because of ignorance if he doesn’t get the chance

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