Why the best coaches in the National Football League call their own plays:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

Kyle Shanahan has just announced that he will call offensive plays during his time with the San Francisco 49ers and that could be good news for the red and gold. Some of the best coaches in the NFL call their own plays and it’s that hands on approach which allows the coach to optimize results on the field. Andy Reid, Sean Payton, Bill O’Brien, Bruce Arians, Jay Gruden, and Mike McCarthy all call offensive plays for their teams and they also all serve as the head coach. That’s because offensive playing call is one of the most challenging tasks in football and it’s much easier to find a good defensive coordinator than a good offensive coordinator. That’s ultimately why those head coaches mentioned above assumed dual roles in their organizations and it gives those head coaches another level of control. You have to have someone in the offensive play calling role that can adjust quickly and someone who is able to exploit opposing defenses. Also because defenses can adjust is so many different ways with different play calling of their own. An offensive play caller must be able to recognize what a defense is throwing at him and put his team in a position to succeed. Kyle Shanahan has shown that he is able to do this better than most people in the entire world and that’s what got him a job with the 49ers. Even though Shanahan had a great year calling offensive plays though, the Falcons did have a letdown in the Super Bowl. When you’re up by 25 points your emphasis has to be running the football on almost every single offensive down. That’s because you keep the clock running and shorten the game. Shanahan and Dan Quinn failed to understand this concept and ultimately it cost the Falcons the Super Bowl. We will see if Shanahan has learned his lesson next season when he is coaching in San Francisco?

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