The Wildcard Game that’s on Upset Alert:

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Author: Joey Carr

A couple of months ago, I predicted that the Washington Redskins would win the NFC East, but also have a .500 record or below. At the time, Kirk Cousins was struggling to win games and the defense was average at best. Fast forward to now: Cousins is arguably the hottest quarterback in the league coming into the playoffs, the defense has performed beyond expectations, and the Skins as a team are meshing together quite nicely. So, a matchup at home with the slumping Green Bay Packers this weekend might seem like a cakewalk for the Packers, but I say differently.
Naturally, Aaron Rodgers and the Pack are going to be favored in this matchup. However, the Redskins finished the season on a real hot streak and the Green Bay on the other hand, did not. This, paired with the fact that Rodgers has been less than impressive, points to a very possible upset, which I am behind. So, before you call me crazy and shout ā€œBlasphemy!ā€ at me for choosing Rodgers over Cousins, look at the stats. Kirk led the league in completion percentage and yards per attempt down the stretch, leading the Skins to a 5-1 record. While Cousins was proving to the league that heā€™s a legitimate quarterback, Rodgers was struggling mightily, throwing more picks than he ever has and costing Green Bay the NFC North Title. The Washington receivers and tight ends performed marvelously at the end of the season, catching more touchdowns than any other corps in the league. The Packers receivers, as you can guess, didnā€™t play up to par by any means. The running game for both teams was not their strongest suit, but if I had to, I would give the advantage to GB, as they have more depth with stronger runners. The defense on the other hand is more in favor of the Skins. Now, thereā€™s always the possibility that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will turn it on for the postseason, playing like they were expected to play all season long and blowing out the unmatched Redskins in their own home. However, if I was a betting man, and Iā€™m not, I would be choosing the Redskins this weekend for the simple fact that they possess more momentum and, simply put, have the better quarterback as of right now.

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