Will AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones step up for the Packers offense? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


You can already see the Packers are shifting towards a more balanced offense. Their new identity is about being more physical. Which is why AJ Dillon and Aaron Jones will be the two guys that step up. We can’t forget Dillon is a bigger running back. And sometimes it takes a little longer for bigger running backs to get up to speed. It took Derrick Henry three or four years before he became King Henry. If Dillon starts peaking in year three. The Packers are going to be in great shape. You get the feeling Aaron Jones is due for a huge year too. So that’s where the big plays are going to come from. They’re going to pound the rock. They’re going to wear their opponents down. Then Aaron Rodgers is going to play off that. This new philosophy will be the thing that keeps the Packers in the hunt. It’s also going to be refreshing for Packers fans. Because this is the way football is supposed to be played.

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