Will Cooper Kupp be able to keep his hot streak going? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


There’s nothing that’s going to slowdown Cooper Kupp. He’s just too good. This is like the next evolution of Julian Edelman. Kupp took the things that Edelman did well. And took it to a another level. It’s the shiftiness in his route running, it’s the clutch factor that separates him from other players, and it’s Kupp’s ability to just size up his opponents and dominate them. On the very first snap of the game he starts getting separation. And as the game goes on he starts getting more separation. There’s nobody that can cover this guy right now. The only thing that could derail him is an injury. And let’s all hope that doesn’t happen. Because we’re all on the edge of our seat when Kupp plays. I think we all know he’s doing something special.

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