If Will Fuller can stay healthy he has a ton of upside. Fuller is more explosive than most of the defensive backs he lines up against:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Third year Texans Receiver Will Fuller has been making a name for himself by simply running past defenders. Fuller ran a 4.32 40 dash at the combine back in 2016 so there isnā€™t many cornerbacks that can match up with him. Itā€™s going to take opposing teamā€™s top cover guy to guard Fuller and thatā€™s still going to be a tall task. Will Fuller works the vertical passing game so well and its almost defensive suicide to line up in press coverage against the Texans speedy receiver. If the defensive back misses their bump attempt the former Notre Dame standout is going deep for six. Itā€™s just way smarter to play soft coverage against this guy and let him catch all the underneath stuff. Really the only knock against Fuller is the fact that he has missed eight games over his first two years. Thereā€™s definitely some durability concerns which is mostly due to Will Fuller only being 185 pounds. When Fuller is in Houstonā€™s line up though it changes the outcome of football games and his 7 touchdowns last season make that clear. If Fuller can record 7 touchdowns in ten games itā€™s frightening how good he can be once he becomes a full time player. It also has to be concerning to the Texans that DeShaun Watsonā€™s year was cut short due to an ACL tear. When you step back and look at this situation Houston has a lot of health problems which can end up destroying their dreams. If Watson or Fuller canā€™t go then this team doesnā€™t have a shot at living up to their potential. Which means the team doctors and the training staff are going to have to work their magic and make sure they keep a close eye on these banged up skills players. The Texans future will depend on it.

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