Will Josh Allen and the Bills flip the switch in the postseason?

Author: Jon Kuzma


Josh Allen has an enormous amount of talent. From a physical standpoint he might be the most gifted out of all the quarterbacks in the NFL. And if Allen flips the switch in the playoffs. We all know that Allen is almost unbeatable when he’s on. That’s what the Bills are hoping for. But last weekend against the Falcons Allen struggled with his turnovers. The sideline throw is one play that stands out. The play got strung out all the way to the sideline. And instead of just throwing the ball out of bounds and taking the field goal. Allen threw a pick. He has to take the field goal there and throw that ball away. Because then you turn an interception into three points. And you’re turning a negative play into a positive one. And if you do that enough times throughout the game. You win the game. It’s those little adjustments here and there that will accompany Allen’s insane amount of talent. We all know he can make any throw on the field. But if Allen saves his best football for the postseason. And if he cleans up those little mistakes. The Bills will avoid beating themselves when the stakes are much higher.

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