Will Julian Edelman take Rob Gronkowski up on his offer and sign with the Bucs? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


I still think this happens. I think Julian Edelman will sign with the Bucs at some point. Rob Gronkowski said that he’ll go back to Tampa Bay if Edelman plays. But if the Buccaneers get both of these guys. That’s when this team will challenge the Rams in the playoffs. So it makes sense that Tom Brady wants to team up with Edelman and Gronkowski for another Super Bowl run. What is a little surprising is that all three of these guys have a chance to do that with a team other than the Patriots. Usually everyone goes their separate ways and that’s the end of it. Which shows how close of a bond Brady, Edelman, and Gronkowski have. They know this is the last dance for all of them. So they plan on going out on top one more time. It would be a curtain call that would be almost too good to be true for Buccaneers fans.

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