Winning takes care of everything. That might be the only solution for Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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Itā€™s been a chaotic off-season for the Oakland Raiders. They signed Antonio Brown who is the best wide receiver of the past decade but GM Mike Mayock and Brown are at odds. First Mayock fined Brown for missing some practices during training camp. Then all hell broke loose when Mayock and Brown got into a dispute just a couple of days ago.

When it seemed like the Raiders were going to part ways with the future Hall of Famer. Jon Gruden quickly stepped in and admitted that he plans on playing Brown Monday against the Denver Broncos. This isnā€™t too surprising because Gruden is the man in charge of Oakland and he wants to win more than anything. Is it a risky move? Absolutely but this team doesnā€™t have a chance without Brown on the field. Right now the only hope Gruden has is putting up a bunch of wins and hoping for everything to smooth itself out. Once the games start being played then everyoneā€™s focus will be on the upcoming opponent. That will be good for Antonio Brown as well because heā€™s a workaholic and thereā€™s no denying his desire to get the best of anyone who is covering him. Meaning that the Raiders first match-up canā€™t get here soon enough and everyone will be watching to see how things go? The situation is combustible and the stakes are high.

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Winning might be the only solution for Antonio Brown and the Oakland Raiders.

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