We’re witnessing greatness every week when Aaron Donald steps on the field and it’s becoming crystal clear that he’s the most dominant defender in the league:

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Author: Jon Kuzma

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The Los Angeles Rams are having a great season and Aaron Donald is such a crucial factor in all of that success. Donald is leading the National Football League with 10 sacks and he’s been so disruptive at the line of scrimmage for Los Angeles. Quarterbacks have no time drop back against the Rams. They know Aaron Donald is coming and even when he’s doubled team it seems like the reigning Defensive Player of the Year breaks free and ends up in the offensive backfield. When you turn on the game film and examine what makes Donald so effective it’s clearly his speed. He plays at around 285 pounds so he’s undersized compared to most other defensive lineman out there. However what Donald lacks in weight he makes up with quickness and then there’s his technique which is really second to none. The 27 year old (Donald) breaks his opponents down with a swim move and it’s worked on some of the better offensive linemen in the game. The other thing Wade Philips does is move Donald around to help create better match ups. That allows the former University of Pittsburgh standout to work against either guard, either tackle, or the center. Due to that offenses have to be conscious of wherever Donald lines up and it often thwarts their plan of attack before it even happens. For example if Donald lines up at left end and the offense has called a toss to the right. The quarterback must immediately change the play because running at Donald is a foolish decision from the get go. So you can see how much you have to compensate for this guy and it just causes frustration for the offensive coordinators around the league. It also frees up a lot of those other Rams defenders to make plays and that’s big reason they’re undefeated at the moment (8-0). Don’t believe me just watch for yourself.

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It’s becoming obvious that Aaron Donald is the most dominant defender in football this is why.

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