Would Jarvis Landry swing the AFC North in the Ravens favor? 

Author: Jon Kuzma


Here’s what people seem to forget. The Ravens were the best team when Lamar Jackson was healthy. So if you also add Jarvis Landry. That’s going to bring another competitor into the mix for the Ravens. Those two guys would make sure that Baltimore has their game face on each week. Let’s also not forget that Landry was a Brown last year. If the Ravens sign him. They’d basically take one of the Browns best players away from them. I know Landry is a free agent. But he’d still be making the jump to an AFC North rival. You can’t blame Landry either. The Browns had a chance to bring Landry back. They chose not to do it. That’s why the NFL is a business. If you don’t pay your best players, someone else will. So Landry could be a piece that shifts some power in the AFC North. It’s exactly what the Ravens need in a competitive division.

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